UnLtd Delhi welcomes Four new Fellows on board!

UnLtd Delhi welcomed Four new fellows to the cohort last month. Check out their profiles below to know more about the exciting work they are doing-

Eshan Sadasivan, Founder & CEO PROSOC Innovators 

Eshan PROSOC stands for PROducts for SOCiety. The social enterprise designs and develops innovative products and services of social importance in fields like healthcare, agriculture, livelihood, education. Eshan’s vision is to empower people at the bottom of pyramid to and help them lead better lives. PROSOC has already developed two such unique products: A newspaper carry bag making machine to mass produce newspaper carry bags by setting up many small scale industries throughout India and thereby solve the problem of pollution due to plastic carry bags and an innovative product called DESKIT [School Bag + Study Table] designed to be a writing companion for students to aid in comfortable writing and assisting to maintain proper and comfortable body posture. It is designed especially for the rural children who lack basic infrastructural facilities at school.

Eshan holds a Master’s degree in Industrial and Product Design from IIT Kanpur and is currently pursuing PHD there in Social Entrepreneurship through Product Design.

Riddhi Dastidar & Ragini Lalit, Co-Founders- Riyaaz

riddhi dastidar ragini lalit

Riyaaz creates a learning, explorative journey for a circle of kids who are musically inclined and through this they are trying to instil reflective practice, awareness of the self, social consciousness, collaboration, critical thinking and creativity within each learner of the circle; in short moving the focus from ‘I’ to ‘We’ through the story of music.

Riddhi and Ragini both are Teach for India Fellows. While Riddhi completed her fellowship in 2015 and is now working in Teach for India’s National Alumni Impact team , Ragini is in her second year of the fellowship and teaches 7th grade at a low income school in Prehladpur, Delhi.

Shikhar Madan, Founder- Being Citizen

shikhar madanBeing Citizen is an online platform that seeks to crowd source citizen opinion to mobilize public policy. It aims to make the concept of Governance more participative by bridging the gaps in communication that otherwise exist between political class and citizen class.

Acoording to Shikhar, the inspiration behind this idea comes from a strong inclination towards Politics and the belief that strong, optimum Governance can unlock social change for maximum benefit of the society. Prior to this Shikhar worked at OYO Rooms as a Process Manager.

Divakar Sankhla & Parinita Jain, Co-founders- Alohomora Education 

Divakar sankhla

parinita jain2  Alohomora creates experiences for children to deepen their understanding of themselves and the world around them so they can write their own stories!

Divakar and Parinita have designed a year ­long structured intervention with children of ages 13­-19 to enable them to take well informed and empathetic life choices. The program develops key life skills of Communication, Problem Solving, Critical Thinking,teamwork along with building Socio­Cultural awareness and Growth Mindset. Both Divakar and Parinita are TFI Alumni. While Divakar comes from a corporate background having worked at Citibank and Pepsico prior to Teach for India, Parinita looked after her family business before deciding to join the fellowship program.


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