• September 23, 2016
Eshan Sadasivan – PROSOC
Level: 1 // Model: For-Profit //  Sector: Product Development //  Year: 2016

PROSOC logoPROSOC stands for PROducts for SOCiety. This social enterprise started by Eshan Sadasivan designs and develops innovative products and services of social importance in fields like healthcare, agriculture, livelihood, education. Eshan’s vision is to empower people at the bottom of pyramid to and help them lead better lives. PROSOC has already developed two such unique products: A newspaper carry bag making machine to mass produce newspaper carry bags by setting up many small scale industries throughout India and thereby solve the problem of pollution due to plastic carry bags and an innovative product called DESKIT [School Bag + Study Table] designed to be a writing companion for students to aid in comfortable writing and assisting to maintain proper and comfortable body posture. It is designed especially for the rural children who lack basic infrastructural facilities at school.

Eshan holds a Master’s degree in Industrial and Product Design from IIT Kanpur and is currently pursuing PHD there in Social Entrepreneurship through Product Design.

Contact them: eshansadasivan@gmail.com, http://bit.ly/2fEA793

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