1. My organization is not registered yet. Can I still apply?
Yes! UnLtd Delhi supports early stage entrepreneurs and it is completely fine that your organization is not registered yet. We’re here to help you do that.

2. What kind of mentors do I get?
The mentors are part of the UnLtd Delhi network who want to help our social entrepreneurs. All mentors have experience of running successful businesses or social organizations.

3. How will I know that I qualify as a social entrepreneur?
We consider individuals starting or piloting new initiatives, usually part-time over and above their day jobs, and individuals or team with high-potential early-stage projects geared towards greater impact and sustainability.

4. When can I apply?
UnLtd Delhi, on a periodical basis, calls for applications from interested individuals. Our application forms, however, are available throughout the year! Please check out the “Become an Investee” tab for more information.

5. Will I have to return the money given by UnLtd Delhi?
UnLtd Delhi supports by giving grants, not equity or debt finance.

6. What if I have a team?
UnLtd Delhi  supports both individuals and their team. We also encourage individuals without a team to apply.

7. Will I get the entire grant at once?
We provide quarterly funding to reach the full amount at the end of the financial year.

8. I am a social worker. Can I apply?
We encourage entrepreneurs looking at a sustainable model. If you’re a social worker ready to start your entrepreneurial journey with a business model in mind, please apply!

9. What if I have a co-applicant?
That’s absolutely fine! Up to two co-applicants are fine with us.

10. Does my team have to be in Delhi-NCR for the entire process?
Yes. Working communally is important, and it will give us easy access to you and your work. At the moment we only work with individuals based in Delhi-NCR who could be working anywhere in the country.

11. My English is not very good. Can I still apply?
We firmly believe that communication occurs in all forms and languages! English is not a pre-requisite to be an incredible entrepreneur. We have staff and mentors on-ground to attend to your local needs.